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DIY Toothbrush & Toilet Tissue Holders

First off, I’m hardly a germophobe. I have three very active boys. Germs are a part of life, but some things just really gross me out. Toothbrush holders are a big one. The idea of everyone’s toothbrushes in a cup together with gunk in the bottom and the heads all touching…ugh…it makes me squirm. Never mind the fact that it’s impossible to find toothbrush holders when you have what the industry apparently considers too many people in your family (or at least too many sharing the same bathroom). Guess the third kid just doesn’t get to put his toothbrush anywhere! So I, of course, made my own. They are all made from disposable products I had around the house which is great because I didn’t spend any money on them, and when they inevitably get icky, replacing them is a piece of cake. And no one is going to see them, so function is the main thing anyway. Here you go:

DIY Toothbrush Holder

I wrapped a tin can with gaffer’s/cloth tape and painter’s tape. You could also use any color of duct tape you prefer. Just be sure to wrap the top of the can well enough to cover sharp edges.

DIY Toothbrush Holder

I wrapped a tin can with scrap fabric and taped it in place. Hot glue would work well, too. Again,  just be sure to wrap the top of the can well enough to cover sharp edges.

DIY Toothbrush Holder for 3   DIY Toothbrush Holder for 1

These cups are simple 12 oz. disposable cups. I buy them in a pack of 300 at Sam’s, so we always have plenty, which will make it easy to replace them. However, the cups are quite flimsy, so the toothbrushes would make them fall over. I had picked up a 10-piece organizer set for around $10 at Lowe’s for organizing vanity drawers. The bottom part is one of the pieces from that set. The first one is wide enough to hold three cups. The second one can hold one cup. I will use one wide one and two single ones. You can decorate the cups or the trays however you like. I think it would be a fun activity for little ones.

While I have your attention, check out my toilet tissue holder.

DIY Toilet tissue holder

A friend’s mom was clearing out her garage a couple of years ago, and I found this wire basket. I have used it occasionally for decorating. To turn it into a toilet tissue holder, I used needle-nosed pliers to bend open the hook that attaches the handle to the bottom. I slipped the tissue up and over the handle, and left the hook open enough to re-attach it to the basket without needing the pliers when the tissue roll needs to be replaced.

Good luck making your own holders! I would love to see your finished products.